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Words Between us



Counting from here
I am now six hours late from you
That's why you can never catch me
We enjoy this drama
by calculating the distance in between

Ignoring the time

I realize that the word order does not need to be clear
because we always understand
It becomes more and more playful

__ BETWEEN_______US

carefully speak from two sides of the concrete wall
Yet sometimes we remain silent
These sentences are formed perfectly not perfect
in order to leave more for us to fill

When we speak we don't think

Therefore I choose not to talk too much
Then afterward we can see each other more


"WORDS BETWEEN US" is a performative video installation, shown in Broese, HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht) 2020 graduation show "MAKE SPACE".


The video installation "Words Between Us" is a "letter" to my friends in the Netherlands. The audience sits in front of this installation, watching me "arrange text" into the most private letter that only exists while the audience is able to read the hidden words in their hearts. As the words between us accumulate, we see less of each other. However, the more we hold our words, the more we truly see each other.

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