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I should have known better


"I should have known better" was created during an art residency in the Kio-A-Thau Sugar Refinery Artist Village in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Starting with an exploration of my surroundings, I asked people, "What kind of tree is this?" Inspired by the nature around me, I began collecting objects from the outdoors. These natural elements became metaphors when brought into the interior.

These small objects are homes for other beings, archives of time, and symbols of hope. As I delved into the connotations of each item, the room transformed into a meticulous constellation, representing a neutral aesthetic between humanity and nature.


The Hitachi Tree (lyrics)


What kind of tree is this tree

It’s a tree I don’t even know the name of

Will be a tree whose name you don’t even know


What kind of tree is this tree

It’s a tree I’ve never seen

Flowers that you have never seen will bloom


Someday the leaves will grow thick and the trunk will grow big

The day when the roots grow and become forests is the future

Let’s all wait for that day

Dream, dream, wait for that day


この木なんの木 気になる木


名前も知らない 木になるでしょう


この木なんの木 気になる木


見たこともない 花が咲くでしょう


いつか葉がしげって 幹がおおきく育って

根をひろげて 森になる日が未来

その日をその日を みんなで待ちましょう

夢見て夢見て その日を待ちましょう

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