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Little voices


Music: Chang Yuan Hao

Lyrics: Chih Hua Huang

Track 1.

Millipedes, Are You Looking For Your Way Home?


We got an announcement from millipedes
They are looking for their close breeds
Don't sleep under garden debris
Welcome to join their road team

I carefully leave my footprints

Just to give my final hintMoon lits,

we cross the pits

all we do is run and hide

Crawling, up and down 
Not seasoning trace of us but holding a gene we want to seal
Curling, up and down 
Not choosing truth or dare just to make fun of a shape of wheel
knock knock time's up
I have no choice (but to) play dead

I carefully count my footsteps

Try to avoid their baited trapsSun rises,

we sense the crisis

all we do is run and seek

Growing, up and down 
Not being here and now but a place where it makes me feel
Reeling, up and down
Not really who we were but we ain't wrong that is not a big deal
knock knock time's up
I have no choice (but to) play dead








Track 2.

A Hubbub Under The Bark


Nom nom nom nom nominal baby worm
Little nibble but ten thousand times
Shoulder to shoulder

Mon mon mon monotonous daily norm
Vast impact and we are in the prime
Shoulder to shoulder

Here comes someone hum hum
They want something chop chop

Hustling in the woody corner
Someone is behind the bark
Are they ready for the hasty shake 

Bustling in the moody corner
Someone is up with the lark
Are they ready for the grand swap

Dom dom dom dom dominant chilling man
Little rebel but ten thousands of times
Shoulder to shoulder

Ree ree ree ree rigorous picky form
Check if they're their partner in crime
Shoulder to shoulder

There comes a sound knock knock
This ain't something fun fun

Wandering around the tree stump
Someone planned to build a house
Will they look up to the blue sky

Wondering about their rooftop
Something led to their rouse
Will they look for the next stop

Who’s ceiling is cracking here comes a beam
Be careful of their first move
It doesn't matter who the lead is
We all join forces
Spread out and line up
They are ready to take revenge


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