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The Space-Machine

The term "Space-Machine" refers to an interface that connects physical space with possible worlds, acting as an agent that engages in activities and communication between the imagined and experienced space. The use of the word "Machine" implies an apparatus consisting of interrelated parts with separate functions, forming a set of objects in a system that performs certain actions. Therefore, understanding the Space-Machine is a way to dissect the paradigm of spatial context and explore the relationship between different elements in a spatial system.

spacemachine diagram.jpg

Space can be explored within various dimensions.

The Space Machine.jpg

Space can be perceived as a collection of dots, lines, and faces that communicate with one another within a closed linguistic system, exerting forces on each other that pull between the points. Messages are transmitted from one point to another, leading to the emergence of multiple points. Invisible tracks suggest multiple directions and dimensions.

The Space-Machine acknowledges the features of the site, assimilates the information, and translates its understanding into distinct narratives by implementing various practices and possibilities.

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