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Me against your fear



The performance lecture was shown at the beginning of the outbreak of Covid-19, when Asian phobia was on the rise around the world. The face mask was seen as a barrier between people with different understandings. Using live projection, I created a larger and fearless image of a face on the wall and read out the text to act against the stigma of my ethnicity.


Living in a place where it seems to be safe and comfortable,

until someone considers me as others.

This makes me think more about myself,

how do I relate to the others in this foreign land?

I should speak up for myself.


While I was walking on the street, I realized that

my image is inevitably tied with the virus.

I have to carry these uncomfortable feelings with me,

in the following unknown months

and probably more than once.

What I am afraid of,

is not the possibility of getting sick,

but how people will look at me or treat me,

as an East-Asian appearance,

taking public transportation,

on my way to school.


If one day I wear this piece of item in public,

I will probably threaten others.

This object has different understandings

from two sides of people.

This is the border between you and me.

When people step back from their imagined fear,

they create a space between their ignorance and my identity

which the distance in-between remains unknown.


Now, standing from this distance,

I am learning to fight the stigma of my ethnic

in a place where I was not born.

Still, I don’t dare to look into their eyes.


We are sharing the same land

but I can see clearly the possible risk

I will encounter some other day.

However, I should not be afraid of those people

who can only see part of me,

and make responses to all of me,

on the color of my skin or my native language.


If individuals choose to live as a collective society,

we should not be afraid of each other.

CHIH HUA / March 2020

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