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The Inevitable Narrative

The coup has caused a crisis of democracy in Burma since 2021. The linear perspective of the political revolution shows the rise of coup, demonetization, and shifts of the regime.

Thinking of how history formed the way we project the present and imagine the future, the inevitable recurrence weighs us down. How can we reverse the dominant perspective and see personal narratives as a creative way to overwrite the idea of the inevitable narrative?

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We practice the act of reciting over a period of time, using different artistic tools to repeat from memory, in order to provide multiple perspectives and dialectic ideas that challenge the idea of a single narrative constructing "the past".

Maps are often used to identify geographical locations, but the act of mapping is a process of understanding the relationships between places, the boundaries that separate them, and the ways to move from one to another.

We see mapping as a political act that can demonstrate transgression and help us reconnect with visited places beyond their names and shapes. By taking notes of personal memories, we can be inspired to give voice to our speculations about future events.

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