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documented between 15:00-19:00 北投-石牌-北門-北車, 科技大樓

photo by Lin Kuan Ling

sound by Chang Yuan Hao

video, text and narration by Chih Hua Huang

In order to see the event in a clear way

We only trust ourselves

But the memory is simply an imitation

The past appears in a





I like how she transforms herself


I bet I can bend it back by writing

But not sure how long it will last

Any trust on other means?


My act in the present is trying to prove the past is wrong

Trying to bring them back to the safe place


Though it looks like a hilarious demonstration

And I called it art


But failed

It only belongs to one’s very personal

very quiet

but disquieting space


To leave an evidence

To make sense of the world


Those prefer quick and dirty events

Let's sing it.

If there are important traces that are forgotten

Let's heal it.

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