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Occupation as Placemaking


The concept of Occupation is explored in the context of claiming space in both Lebanon and Taiwan through letters exchanged by Chih Hua Huang and Betina Abi Habib during their visits to their respective countries. They seek to bring this idea to the theatre and use physical exhaustion as a means of asserting presence.

Chih Hua Huang和Betina Abi Habib回到了她們原本的國家。在那段時間裡,她們互相通過信件討論了發生在黎巴嫩和台灣的政治事件。將佔領視為佔據空間的方式,她們將這個概念帶入了劇場。在這裡,身體疲憊成為主張存在的方式,展現身體對空間的權力主張。

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