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How does the Space-Machine measure the distance between the islands?


241 Small Space:SS新銳藝術徵件計劃

2020 July 9 - August 9


11 copy 2.jpg

"How Does the Space-Machine Measure the Distance Between the Islands?" is a project selected from the Small Space exhibition at Hsinchu 241 Gallery. This unique artwork presents a vivid depiction of a post-human world through its intricate portrayal of objects, islands, and landscapes.

The concept of the "Island" symbolizes an isolated realm, representing an individual's state of mind characterized by solitude, isolation, and a sense of emptiness. On the other hand, the "Machine" embodies a power-relational structure that eludes easy control by any individual. Within this narrative, the "Space-Machine" serves to define our experience of the ordinary spatial environment. The performer depicted in the video is portrayed as "a piece of an object," engaging in a struggle against the system while simultaneously being an integral part of it.

"Daily practice" (performative video installation) questions the repetitive routine in our everyday life. Living unconsciously under this regular pattern for a while, I start to think about the distance between the machine and myself, and try to understand "the new world".


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