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To weigh a rock?


Location: Arad city, Israel. Utrecht, the Netherlands


Vol 1 - How to weigh a rock?

"How to weigh a rock?" is a performance art piece that I carried out during my exchange residency in Israel. The work examines the relationship between the form of the landscape and the position of humans. Through slow and meticulous movement, my body responds to the alien landscape. By interacting with stones of different scales, I direct the spectators' attention to the border of the landscape, lined up by huge rocks towards the mountain, the sharp shadows, and their current position on the land of infinite stones.

Vol 2 - Transporting Landscape

"The Aleph was probably two or three centimeters in diameter, but universal space was contained inside it, with no diminution in size. Each thing (the glass surface of a mirror, let us say) was infinite things, because I could clearly see it from every point in the cosmos."- The Aleph, Jorge Luis Borges

"Transporting Landscape" shown the documentation of the performance of the stone in a nonlinear timeline, exploring between the small-scale objects and the huge imaginary scenery.

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