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Hello and Goodbye


August 2020, performance art, 15 minutes

中壢地埤聚場/攝影:許志綱 (Woju)/文字整理:柯懿芳、黃志華


In a soon-to-be bulldozed area, the belongings of the owners were almost moved away. We entered these abandoned spaces, tracing their time and stories. Through the guidance of the performer as the ghost of the land, wandering around the room, people see the spaces through a silent and melancholic lens. At the end of the performance, we bid farewell to these houses and see this first encounter as the last memory of the land.

Act 1: "Absent Presence" (Person)

The performer points out the absent presence of certain characters (the unknown painter of a painting, a recent graduate, the local land god, and the kitchen god), which leads into an exploration of events happening in this area.

Act 2: "Lost and Found" (Object)

Objects found in the area are displayed in the room, and the performer informs the audience that these items will be auctioned off today.

Act 3: "Limited Landscape" (Scene)

When the audience enters the performance area, they will see ice bricks arranged on the ground. The performer uses fishing lines to cut the bricks into smaller pieces, representing the way in which land development plans divide up the land. As the ice bricks melt in the hot sun, they become water, which, together with the soil, forms the unique landscape of Taoyuan's ponds. However, as the water evaporates, the piece tries to convey the idea that as urban expansion occurs, certain elements of the city gradually disappear.



Act 1. 在場缺席(人)



Act 2. 失物招領(物)


Act 3. 限時地景(景)


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