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Cordoned off area (封鎖區)

If one were able to wander again on the same street

the sound of the footsteps would be overtaken by the agitated crowd

their shouts of demands for justice


lands belonging to people and they are the land


Fearless people were trying to defeat the bullet in the air

only if it were possible

only if they could also send their will in the air

and with those bulky satellite dishes that are out of control

and try not to trigger the gunfire again

then they would be able to dream a bit better

when the transmissions between the spots are cut off tonight


A sigh of a man echoes at the end of a street block

where are used to be their tea corners


I examined the nostalgic photo

her fearlessness once existed because of her ignorance

and not her real bravery

The young confidence is not able to travel like that again

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