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Confession of the pessimism

I never argue
I will never make it
I am weak
and you are not listening
I have no idea
only driven by my sentimental feelings


My belief is trifling
little and heavy

The hopeless mind is a circle
traps and tangles

Being swallowed up
No one heard it

Darkness is my salvation

something satisfying about the unhappiness

I just don't know how to act
Am I doing well with my last confession?

Voice will not die but dying
Time is savage
I knew it

I never argue

Confession of the paranoia

I sense a nonsense
empty and full
It is fun
Give me one more yum yum fries

Get on my nerves
Have a ride on the
angry buzzing noise

I am obsessed
I'm lovin' it

My skin is itchy
be calm
Fancy my neon
shine shine

A window pops up
I liked my photo

Swipe swipe
Shut up
I am not scared
Not much information
All fucked up
I liked it


I liked it again

Amazing highway is sick
Smiley and dizzying
I fed myself with cheap bananas go go


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